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"Our family has been studying the course a lot! All the information in it is very useful and has helped us understand how the college admissions and financial aid system works!" Melanie W. Melanie W. Sophomore - Nova High School "Thank you so much to the Best College Aid team for all you did for my family and to my parents for helping me through this process!"

Gabriela H.

Accepted at Northeastern University | Financial Aid Package = $322,872

"I always received an answer, there was always someone there to answer my questions! You guys helped me narrow down which colleges I should have applied to, understand my chances of getting in, compare my options .... you were a great help!"

Victor V.

Full Tuition Scholarship Winner for the University of Indianapolis | Financial Aid Package = $173,472

"Best College Aid is very good, I will always thank God for having met you because it is not the same to open a path as to follow in the footsteps of others."

Tahani M.

Mother of a Senior in High School | Financial Aid Package = $104,220

"The course explains how students have this amazing opportunity to learn how to get financial aid for college! I love how it has notes and links at the end of each video. Having a plan all four years of High School and then teaching me how to understand each section is really helpful and helps me stay organized."

Mackenzie O.

Freshman - Nova High School

"The information in the course is clear and accurate! I like how there are notes with links at the end of each video. Being a freshman in high school, I now know the benefits of completing the FAFSA and how to avoid student debt!"

Cassius S.

Freshman - Nova High School

"All the data is available on the following slides which helps visual learners like me. The data also pops up on the screen when you talk about important details. The best part is that you give real life examples when you explain things like living off campus and how to get scholarships! I'm already using some of them to help me set my reach, target and safety schools!"

Manuel M.

Junior - Ronald W. Reagan High School

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Laura Cantu

Co-Founder | Digital Media Officer

I'm Laura Cantu, I'm dedicated to helping Middle School and High School students discover their true passion so they can be accepted into college. I also manage Best College Aid's social media!


Co-Founder Best College Aid

My name is David Cantu, I help parents of students who want to go to college understand how the education system works so they can help them get accepted into college with scholarships.


Co-Founder | Instructor

I'm Francisco Cantu, I help high school students create the best college applications to get accepted into their dream universities.


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