Extracurricular Activities To Do From Home

Extracurriculars From Home Best College Aid
At Best College Aid, we know how important extracurriculars are to help you get accepted into your dream school and receive the best scholarships!⁣
Here are some of the best at-home extracurricular activities that you can do to improve your odds of acceptance, financial aid packages, and help your community during this time of need.⁣
At-Home Extracurricular Activities List Best College Aid

Tutor or teach a class via Skype or Zoom

Create a Youtube Channel⁣

Start a Podcast⁣

Join a Political Campaign

Do not forget to prioritize getting involved in activities that you genuinely care about and relate to your interests.
Only add as many activities as you can manage without it affecting your academic or personal health. ⁣
Good luck with the semester ahead.
As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!
– Laura 

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