College Students Return Home for Thanksgiving | The State of the U #12

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Hello and welcome, one and all.

My name is Laura Cantu and I am in a very grateful mood.

You see, with thanksgiving around the corner and 2020 coming to an end, I feel happier than Baby Yoda with a bowl of Tea.

Baby Yoda Drinking

As I mentioned, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means many college students are getting ready to go back home.

And although during normal times, this is usually a saving grace for students who have been living off of dominos all semester, this year may look a little different.

Many colleges are taking the necessary precautions to decrease the spread of the virus by requiring students to either quarantine or receive a negative test result before going home.

I hope this comes as a wake-up call for many of you.

I mean, colleges are out here fighting to protect the lives of MeeMaw and Pop-Pop while you can’t even accept their Facebook friend request?

Yes, I am talking to you.

Pick up the phone, call your grandparents.

MeeMaw and Pop Pop

The University of Miami allegedly utilized undisclosed facial recognition software to identify student protestors back in September.

That’s crazy. Facial Recognition Software?

This sounds like the plot for a new Black Mirror episode, only this time Miley Cyrus can’t get away with just wearing a wig.

I am super shocked by this, the bachelorette couldn’t even get past episode 3 with their main star. 

Meanwhile, we have CBS over here with the new season of Big Brother, college-campus edition.

So pretty much what happened was that in late September a doctoral student in counseling psychology at the University of Miami received a one-line email from the assistant to the school’s dean of students.

She and eight others were asked to attend a Zoom meeting to discuss the “incident that happened on September 4.”

Which refers to a student-led protest regarding university COVID measures and compensation for its staff.

The students claim that they were identified through facial recognition technology and I am just over here thinking about how the Netflix documentary: “The Social Dilemma” literally warned us about this.

Now if you thought these stories were wild, you have to see what’s coming up next or else U Won’t Believe it.

U Won't Believe it The State of the U

Last week, Oxford University announced more promising news in the development of its COVID-19 vaccine.

The results from Phase 2 of its AZD122 vaccine trial showed that the vaccine is as effective for the older demographic as it is for the younger.

Making this the second sexiest story coming out of the United Kingdom this month, just behind Harry Styles wearing a dress.

And I am really happy for the older demographics!

I mean ever since this girl went viral, it has been one crap storm after another for our fellow boomers.

Now, although mass production and distribution may be really far away, these are still great news.

If a vaccine is successfully developed and distributed, we may be going back to a semblance of normal at some point in 2021.

How exciting!

  • No more virtual classes!
  • No more zoom!
  • No more masks!
  • No more working from home–which I kind of enjoyed but that’s okay!
  • No more wearing pajamas all day…


Which, I mean, who needs to be comfortable all day anyway?

Wait, does this mean no more need to get everything delivered, like what’s going to happen to Mark Hamill/Patrick Stewart Uber Eats commercials?

Can we keep those?

So between university-imposed travel protocols for thanksgiving and artificial intelligence being used to spot protesters, maybe this is the perfect time for a vaccine to come out.

However, given the sociopolitical climate, getting through thanksgiving dinner without fighting uncle Earl for his Facebook posts may be a higher priority for many families. 

I am Laura Cantu and this has been, The State of The U.

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